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by Catatonic Society

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Left Hand Path Abandon hope all ye who set foot upon my pathway Think well for you must now choose the color of your last days Hear my warning my child Many falter and fall By many names am I called a truth obscure and hidden I mix the light with darkness the first and last word written The Lord of Flies waiting The book of names open From miles away I saw you, standing Two eyes alone in darkness, searching Don't be afraid to wander, reaching Follow my voice to freedom, listen You fool, you holy wonder, rising The cosmic trigger forming, building The light that goes before you, shining The shell that used to hold you, dying Reverse the Sun and Moon and surrender to confusion The space that lies between us is only an illusion
Lost at Sea 04:31
Lost at Sea Counting the minutes by counting the waves the point and the line are not separate today No more distinction between sky and sea Above and below, swallowing me All shores are equal but none of them near All is a circle, the center is here Time stand still Take me home Triton embrace me now, come unto me Empty my blood, replace it with sea Measure my body but cut me no stone Dig me no grave, sing me no songs Go down to the shore, write my name in the sand Let the waves take away all that I have Come for me Tide and moon Come darkness, come comforting cold Surround me, swallow me whole No sorrow, no rapture, no joy Close your eyes See no more
Gravity 06:46
Gravity One hundred million Suns One hundred million years and I The architect of skies The music of the spheres and I I know the way out
Mandrake 05:48
Mandrake An unnamed shadow moves across this land Whispered rumors, curses from the hidden hand Red horizon tells of days to come No turning back, some things cannot be undone And I will stand and speak this truth to you Prepare for war You dulled my senses, drove stakes through my spine Your words are poison, hidden in a bitter wine You move in darkness, I still see your face I cast you out, now I know your name And I see that you think you'll walk away Prepare for war Draw breath and pull back and take aim and never question why Take steel and rise up and swing down and come around again I'm truth and I'm death and I've come for those who think you're conquered me I am the tide I am the sky
Baptistina 06:05
Baptistina How can we exit this wasted land moving through forests of razor wire? No voice to guide us, and no light to see nothing but lies from the mouth of fire This doomed procession just wanders and wails our numbers are faltering, failing, falling Time is a tyrant, a prison, a curse hands to the sky now, voices calling Baptistina, come again transform the night into day Second Sun, chosen one Take all these sorrows away I had a vision, I saw the truth all the hairs counted, the grains of sand numbered Millions and millions all lined in a row a voice from the deep was calling them under The cosmic alembic will come to its pitch the elements mixing, changing, running All of the colors will bleed into one the fire in the sky is the savior coming Baptistina, come again transform the night into day Second Sun, chosen one burn all these sorrows away
Solomon's Temple I have seen far beyond the gaze was given to me Everything all at once, all things interlocking Shadow voice speak secret words, full of understanding Remove the shroud and roll the stone, and release me now Cataract confusion, whispered curses, pain collector Cloud my eyes and mind no more, you fiend, you specter Forged in copper, traced in wax, I will isolate you Know my name, and hear the voice that controls you now This pressure is building, burning the end of things, a star collapsing Come closer, breathe deeply Close your eyes, and I'll show you everything
Lazaraus Frankenstein And I looked and beheld angels Walk in light you will not stumble down I call to you... Hear me, come to me Throw your chains away Arise, arise Pieces gathered, living puzzle Sleep no more, come forth from the tomb I command you Hear me, come to me Throw your chains away Arise, arise
Last Stand 07:14
Last Stand My Grandfather told me one night long ago the land of my people would turn into stone, into ash Destroying the future and covering the past His old eyes were closing, his light growing dim the Earth opened up, swallowing him, gray and cold I did not understand, how could I know? I hear my ancestors calling to me a voice on the wind, and a song in my dreams, far away in between the night and the day I feel a change in the wind and the rain the hawk speaks to me and she tells me her pain, stay away blood like a river will flow here today My mother the Sun and my Sister the moon look down on my now on this cold afternoon, as I wait all of the good things have fled from the place As the men enter the valley below my friends by my side, and my hands on my bow, be my guide Don't turn away from me great Father sky Sister moon shine on me, no man can stop me now You can't kill me
Shiva the Destroyer I close both my eyes and you die Destroyer, up out of nothingness Supreme one, ruler of time Transform, the power of stars in my hand Born, and yet I'm the bornless one I am the sky and the land All my secrets are hidden from you Spinning, peaceful and violent the garland and trident of truth Breaker, disolver, desctructor of mass Birth and death in one instant I am the first and the last
Ashes 05:06
Ashes Death is a cloudless sky seen without eyes Life is a lake of fire, mask of lies Gnosis bought by pain, visions of beauty Come place your hand in mine and fall into me Now fly No stasis, constant movement, let go of thinking Surrender to the current, give in to sinking Turn toward the Sun and burn out your vision Fill your ears with sand, listen Now Look now into the West, let go of this, turn off your mind Surrender unto night, leave everything you know behind Fly now, fly There is no place to rest, but that is how it's always been and though you don't remember, you have been here many times You're living in a circle, suffering by your own hands Maker of your own prison, self-inflicted punishment Now fly, remember who you are and fly


released March 10, 2015

Jay Dickinson - guitars, vocals
Kenny Onesko - drums
Sergiy Trushel - bass


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Catatonic Society San Lorenzo, California

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